The President’s Message

“Welcome to 2017, I wish you all health and personal and professional success in this new year of opportunity for all of our AIGMV artists. We will continue to meet on the third Wednesday of each month at the Nevins Retirement Center on Broadway in Methuen from 7:00 to 8:30pm (January 18th, 2017, this month). We meet in the basement of the main building and to access the basement, enter from the main parking lot, through the door on the right, take the elevator immediately on your left to the basement, and our meeting room is to the left and then right of the main dining room. Our thanks continue to go out to Donna Tulley who continues to host us in this warm and welcoming place. If you get lost in the building do not

hesitate to call my cell 978-852-2338

Will Winslow is already working hard with his AIGMV Scholarship Committee and they are in the process of contacting Mer- rimack Valley Schools and their Art Departments to ask art students to assemble their portfolios for evaluation by the AIGMV committee to determine our annual $1,000.00 AIGMV Art Scholarship winner. The Art Scholarship Presentation this year will be at our May 17thWednesday evening meeting and we look forward to the winner and her/his family attending (in 2016 Will and his team had a tough job resulting in a dead heat between two joint winners who were awarded $500.00 each.

Both winners were from the same North Andover Art Class!).

Congratulations to the Methuen Mayor’s Artist of the Month – Delores Rancourt. Delores was featured on the front page of the December 20th, Eagle Tribune, on the Header: “Methuen >> Rancourt is Artist of the Month”, and on page 3, with a 7” article with a large photogenic photograph of her and Mayor Zanni together in front of her six beautiful framed artworks. Delores was also featured in Methuen Life. Congratulations Delores for both your personal art achievements and for repre- senting the AIGMV so well. As always Mayor Zanni welcomes all AIGMV Members to become his Methuen Artist of the

Month so please contact Jen Myers at 978-983-8505 to schedule and reserve your month

The next AIGMV Board Meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 at 7:00pm in the Nevins Library Study Room (downstairs in the Children’s Department) and one of the agenda items will be to discuss how many major AIGMV shows we should hold each year (in addition to our Fall Nevins Library Show). Please come with your ideas for potential venues and

timeframes. All AIGMV Members are invited to attend.

I’m talking up the AIGMV at all art events I attend and hopefully this will result in additional AIGMV members in the future, I hope you all do as well. If you have ideas as to someone you meet who would be an excellent future demonstrator, please do

not hesitate to let me know and I will contact them to schedule them to demonstrate at a future AIGMV meeting!

My very best regards to you all in 2017.